Way Wellness Center

When the Foundation is established, the WAY is revealed
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Our Mission:  To Provide a WAY to navigate the inner and outer aspects of our complicated, modern lives.  To integrate the natural wisdom found in classical Chinese medicine into our modern health care system improving the quality of our personal, family, and community body, mind, and spirit.  


As experts in Natural Medicine we provide a path to enhancing your innate healing power.  We do this by directing your healing focus into 3 core areas:              External, Internal, and Lifestyle.  


  • Externally to treat pain, inflammation, and muscular- skeletal problems.  
  • Internally to regulate your organ systems and enhance recovery from chronic conditions.
  • Lifestyle medicine teaches you valuable skills used to revitalize your health using time honored Qi cultivation methods and daily mindfulness practices to extend your longevity and increase the health of mind, body, and spirit.


<< Dec 15 2018 - Dec 14 2019 >>

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