Lifestyle Medicine

The 100-Day Challenge


What Are You Struggling With?
Chronic Pain
Sensitive Stomach
Chronic Digestive IssuesCravings
Low Energy Levels
Brain Fog
Seasonal Allergies
Hormonal Issues
Autoimmune Dysfunction

Do You Want to Become More...


Take Control of Your Health with The 100-Day Challenge

A 12-Week program Individual and Group Support Program

Commit to creating lasting change towards health!


Level 1: Foundation Program Includes:

2-Phase Initial Health Evaluation including Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment

& Nutritional Response Testing (NRT)

Individualized Treatment & Goal planning from a 3-practitioner team.

6 group workshops every other Tuesday at 6:00pm

6 Individually schedule, 20 minutes telephone Sessions

3 Follow-up NRT Evaluations
15% off 60-minute clinical massage or acupuncture treatments with Anna / or Robert 


3-Practitioner Support Team
Anna Bass LMT, CHHC
Robert Bastress II, LAc
Daniel Johnson, LAc, DMQ


Cost and Levels of Support:

Total cost for 12 weeks: $1,050

Minimum of $300 to hold your spot - due by your Initial evaluation

Minimum of additional $300 - due by first worksop on 9/25/18

Any remaining balance (total cost) due by 10/30/18

Need Deeper Support?

Level II: Grounded Support
The Foundation Program

and 6 Clinical treatments*

(at 20% off regular pricing!)

Total Cost: $1,410


Level II: Rooted Support
The Foundation Program

and 12 Clinical treatments*

(at 20% off regular pricing!)

Total Cost: $1,770


*Clinical treatments are 60-minute massage or acupuncture with Anna or Robert must take place during program dates.


Call 412-772-1461 to sign up!