Trish Podgorski

Patricia Podgorski, BA, COTA/LPatricia (Trish) is the Practice Coordinator for Way Wellness Center. She has extensive experience in customer service and business development and has also worked within the medical and behavioral health fields. Patricia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh and is a Pennsylvania Licensed, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Over the years her additional training includes Reiki Master, Level 1 Certification, Meditation Instructor Training and Medical QiGong for Self Health. She is a 10-year student of Bon, a school of Tibetan Buddhism. And is also studying The WAY of Tea and Healing QiGong under Daniel’s direction at WAY Wellness Center. Patricia holds a reverence for the human capacity to grow, heal and expand- in mind, body and spirit. She enjoys instructing others on breathing techniques, meditative practices, self-help strategies and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. Her favorite part of working at WAY is helping support clients on their path to wellness.

Trish Podgorski is currently not instructing any classes.