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Chris Molinari, RYT

Christopher Molinari, RYT, completed his 200-hour training at the Himalayan Institute Pittsburgh and has been practicing Yoga and meditation for years. His specialties include Yoga philosophy, relaxation techniques, and bhakti (devotional) Yoga.

Weekly classes: Yoga Basics, Align and Flow, Evening Meditation
Workshops: Intro to Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Systemic Relaxation

Chris Molinari, RYT instructs the following:
  • Evening Meditation
  • This class will explore a wide variety of meditation techniques drawn from the traditions of Yoga.
    Yoga is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning “Union.” Using Yoga as a form of meditation facilitates bringing about unity with the mind and the body through a series of postures, breathing, and training the mind to focus on the present moment. This class accommodates all skill levels.
    Your instructor is Chris Molinari, RYT

  • Yoga: Align and Flow
  • Align and flow focuses on deepening your understanding of Yoga postures and the reasons why alignment is so important. This class has a moderate pace that involves some movement that is coordinated with the breath. A variety of breathing and relaxation techniques will balance the exertion of the physical movement of class.
    Your instructor is Chris Molinari, RYT

  • Yoga Basics
  • New to yoga? Or looking to renew a basic yoga practice?
    Yoga Basics will assist the student in using body and breath to find more openness, calmness, and clarity in mind and body. This class focuses on alignment, breathing, and gradually improving strength and flexibility. Reflective topics drawn from yogic literature and philosophy will be used to generate personal reflection. This class is ideal for beginners and for those who desire a deep and thoughtful practice
    Your instructor is Chris Molinari, RYT